Joy in the Adventure – Sermon Summary   1 comment

Philippians 3:4b-14.

The worldly definition of JOY differs from the Christian definition.

Paul speaks of his heritage and his achievements.  He was a well-respected man who had made all of the proper choices.  He stood out in his time and culture before coming to know Christ.  In today’s terms, we would say that he was quite successful and popular.

But he goes on to say that all of this he now considers loss.  Usually when we think of the word loss, we equate it with sadness or something missed.  But Paul is glad that he is rid of these earthly perspectives because he has found something far greater.  He learned that earthly values equal nothing in the Kingdom of God.  What he pursued earlier in life he now considers a waste of his time because the pursuit of Kingdom values is a much better goal.

He wants to be more like Jesus.  He dedicates his life to the Lord because it is far more important to please Him than anything or anyone on this earth.  Instead of pursuing a status rating among men, Paul now knows that his status before God is much more important.  He wants to know more, not about Jesus, but to know Jesus more.

This is a never-ending growth process: falling in love with Jesus deeper every day of life.  How do we get there from here?

It is a conscious decision for a lifetime and of a lifestyle.  We still possess the sinful nature but we strive to live right anyway.  For Paul, this was an adventure that is filled with JOY.  He suffered many trials and difficulties as a Christian but he never gave up his quest to be a better follower.

Let your past be the past, and let your future be God’s!

One response to “Joy in the Adventure – Sermon Summary

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  1. Word for thought. Very good message. Makes you think about what is really important. Please notify me of up-coming comments. That will be appreciated. Thanks. Alicia.

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