Living Hope – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Acts 10:34-43.

So God took hard-headed Peter and showed him that all things are good in God’s sight that He has created.  Then He took Peter to some Gentiles who were anxious to hear the Gospel message that ol’ hard head thought was pretty much just for “his” people.

Isn’t it great when God changes our mind about things?  God wanted Peter to know the same thing that He wants you and I to know – the Good News of Jesus Christ is truly for everybody.  John the Baptist paved the way and Jesus walked right in, healing and preaching and teaching and sharing the kingdom of God.  He died on Calvary’s tree, rose again just as He said He would, and offers redemption of sin for all who believe in Him even today.

We have the message of living hope today – and we are commanded to deliver it!

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