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John 20:24-29

The Resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples on many occasions, being seen by 500 people before ascending to heaven.  One of those appearances gives us a great word for today.  Thomas said that he would not believe Jesus was raised until he saw him and touched his wounds.  In other words, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Jesus appeared.  He saw.  He believed.

Blessed are those who believe without the benefit of seeing.  What do people doubt today and why?

  • People doubt the government and its effectiveness.
  • People have self-doubts that lead to low self-esteem and depression.
  • People doubt the existence of God and talk about creation and the absence of “visible” evidence.
  • People doubt God’s love because of the existence of evil in our world today and how God doesn’t step in and simply fix everything.
  • People have doubts because of corruption they see in the church either from leadership or laity.
  • People doubt because they see denominationalism and church fights.
  • People doubt because many churches are apathetic concerning outreach and just don’t seem to care much about anything but having their own way in their own church.

Spiritually speaking, doubts exist where faith falters.

Here are some things that Christians should believe by faith and not be doubtful about.

  • God exists.  We see creation as evidence and have his word as proof.
  • His word is true.  Don’t get so caught up in translations and interpretations so as to neglect the fact that the Lord speaks to us through his perfect word.
  • Further evidence is seen in how God changes lives – including yours and many Christians you know.
  • God’s love is expressed in Jesus Christ and everything He has done for you and me.
  • Forgiveness is offered and free!
  • The resurrection and coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ are reality!
  • God wants to continue to transform you today.

This message can be given in either of two ways: be scorned for your doubts or be encouraged to increase your faith.  But that is a matter for God to speak directly to your heart.  Doubts exist where faith falters.

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  1. This is so good, Dave. I trust other readers will “be encouraged to increase” rather than scorning themselves for their doubts (although a little of that doesn’t hurt, either!).

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