Real Heroes, part 1   Leave a comment

Acts 9:1-19.

If we are writing tomorrow’s history today as God’s people, we need more heroes.  The world needs heroes to help with disasters, to win wars, and to combat moral and ethical deterioration.  We could hang a sign on the earth that reads: Heroes needed – Apply within!

Hebrews 11 tells of the heroes of the faith.  There you can find summaries of some famous faithful like Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and so on.  You can see a clear definition of what faith really is – being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Veggie Tales has a really cool character called Larryboy.  His slogan is: I am that hero!  In a world that needs clear examples of living in faith, are you that hero?

Heroes of the faith have many characteristics.  The first and certainly most important one is an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ.  Saul’s conversion is as dramatic an experience as you will ever read.  The Lord literally knocked him down and spoke directly with him.

In some way, I think we all wish that our experiences were so dramatic because they would be so clear.  The fact is however that many people come to the Lord with much less drama – almost a steady process for some.  Either way, I believe that there still exists a time when a person reaches the end of reason and the beginning of faith.  Evidence of some change in action or attitude  in the person’s life is about the only way to tell.

Some feel that they need to clean up their act before they can come to God.  You don’t need to fix your life to be acceptable to God.  He wants you just as you are and he will help you fix it!

It is a call to obedience.  We need to be obedient to the first call of God for our lives – salvation.  To recognize the sin in our lives and know that only Jesus can forgive.  Believe in your heart and invite him into your life and you will be a child of God.

One result of Saul’s conversion was an immediate change in the crowd around him.  Instead of hanging around with those who persecuted disciples, he spent his time with the disciples.

The world needs more heroes of the faith for the next generation.  Will you be that hero?  The first step is to have an authentic, personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

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