A Prayer for Leaders   3 comments

I belong to seemingly countless email groups that keep me informed in the world of religion, culture, and ministry.  One of those groups (smart ministry and preaching unleashed) sent an email yesterday with a prayer for all of their subscribers who are mostly ministers and church leaders.  I was moved to hear such a prayer for me and simply want to pass this along to all who dare to read it.

My challenge to those of you who are not in ministry or church leadership positions is to pray this prayer for your pastor and other leaders.  It isn’t very often we ministers hear of such prayers being offered for us.

  1. May your people have the boldness to invite many unchurched friends to attend with them
  2. May God prepare the soil of newcomers’ hearts to receive the seeds you are sowing and be fruitful ground for growth
  3. May you see more baptisms than ever in your church’s history
  4. May every attender grow closer to God and more committed to serving him
  5. May the Holy Spirit clearly show the direction you need to lead your people
  6. May your people be so focused on their mission for God that they don’t have time to even notice the little internal things that can lead to dissension
  7. May you see beyond your walls and find new ways to bless your community
  8. May all your people find a new love for, and desire to be in, the Bible
  9. May all your ministries move further from informing to transforming
  10. May God give you release from good ministries to focus resources on best ministries
  11. May you have a fresh excitement about your ministry

Pray these things for your church leadership.  Trust me, it will be GREATLY appreciated!

3 responses to “A Prayer for Leaders

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  1. not much else to say but AMEN.. good writing.

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