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No Word: No Guilt   Leave a comment

Dearest subscribers, visitors and friends;

I am entering into a remarkably busy time in life from now through July 2011.  My final two semesters of formal education are going to be overflowing with commitments.  I want to thank you for your loyal readership.  Just knowing that the words on this blog are helpful is all the motivation I need to keep it rolling.

I do not anticipate having any time to write until classes are completed.  However, once they are behind me I am actually anticipating MUCH time for writing!  In addition to this blog, I also have created files for the beginnings of four books I intend to author.  Time will tell how all of that transpires.

For now, thank you again for reading what is on here.  I may pop in some devotional work between classes, but I must make this commitment to you and to myself – I will not be driven by the guilt I have felt in the past year for not posting regularly here.  If I allow that to be my motivation for writing, I can assure you that none of it will be worthy of the standards to which I hold myself.  I know you understand.

God bless you.  I look forward to rekindling my keyboard and this website.


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