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Would you rather be told what is wrong or shown how to make something right?  Most people prefer positive feedback over demeaning discourses, especially when a word of correction is being delivered.  In a world filled with negativity and harsh realities of just how rough life can sometimes be, we should give encouraging words instead of negative lectures. 

Paul was writing to the Galatian people and selected positive words to communicate a basic principle.  He was discussing how we reap what we sow.  What we put into our ears, minds, hearts and lives is what we find pouring out of our minds, hearts, mouths and lives.  But instead of going into some long discourse over the perils of wrongful and harmful input, he simply says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9, NIV).  If we fill our lives with doing good, more good results.

Never give up doing what is good.  The point is positive.  Do good.  And while you are at it, keep doing good.  And when you grow weary, keep doing good anyway.  Even if we feel ineffective, doing good must prevail.  The message is of perseverance and promise.  We will continue positive activity in our lives if we keep a constant positive flow coming in.

I grew up on rock and roll and contemporary Christian music in the 70s.  Today, my favorite styles of music are not surprisingly classic rock and contemporary Christian music.  Go figure.  I had heavy doses of both growing up and still indulge today.  I know perfectly well that some rock music is certainly not “spiritually healthy”, but the drummer in me needs a driving beat occasionally.  I can tell when I spend too much time in that world as my attitude slowly transforms and becomes increasingly negative and rebellious.

When I allow too much negative input into my system, negative output soon follows.  This is not necessarily limited to my musical selections.  I can listen to gossip, or pessimistic people, or groaning neighbors, or TV talk shows, etc. and have the same outcome; a poor, pathetic attitude.  Am I also describing you?

Paul’s words remind me there is a positive and a negative side to all matters, and this text tells me that taking the high road is always the better choice.  I want to be positive in my life.  I have complete control over this by careful consideration of what I put in.

Sooner or later what you put into your life will win.  This can be good or bad news dependent upon your choice of input.  If you are like me, you prefer positive, healthy input.  As you also consider your treatment of others, be mindful of the input you project into their lives.  People need positive encouragement.

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  1. Good Stuff, Dave! I need to hear that.


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