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How does God best use you?  I could go on forever about spiritual gifts, their uses and abuses, and how many folks get lost in search of theirs because they won’t accept assistance.  What I am talking about now is your “wheelhouse.”  A wheelhouse is to a baseball batter that one sweet spot where a pitch comes in and you can knock it out of the park every time.  In your experience, what would you call your wheelhouse?

One practice I have found to be fun and frustrating is experimentation.  There are many avenues of service I have tried in life that saw me fall flat on my face.  Most common in those experiences were times when I saw the title and recognition of those in such positions and simply “knew” that was for me.  I would consult God later for his approval, if needed.  This can be an endless exercise in frustration.  It also develops a keen sense of self-doubt that can become so strong it causes one to simply give up and sit on the sidelines for the rest of their time.  What a waste.

God’s plan for you is specific and unique.  There is only one you, and you are just the way he wants you to be.  Yes, even your mannerisms, habits, and character traits are his design for you.  Well, the good ones anyway.  He only made one (insert your name here) and will never create another being just like you.  A pessimist might read that and say, “Thank God.  The world won’t have to deal with any more losers like me.”  An optimist might read that and say, “Thank God.  What an opportunity!”

Being you is a special honor.  If you believe that to be true, then contemplate ways for you to live in your wheelhouse because God has given you one.  What are your strengths?  What do you do best?  In what situations do you function in such a way that it feels like no effort is required?  For what do you receive the most compliments?

I have specific people I turn to for prayer, because I know they are real prayer warriors.  I have specific people I turn to for instruction, for they are great teachers.  I have specific people I turn to for encouragement, since I know they are incredibly uplifting people.  You may fit into one of these categories or into a completely different arena.  What you need to understand is that your wheelhouse is a God-given gift – use it!

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it,” Paul told the church in Corinth (1 Cor. 12:27, NIV).  As a believer, you are one of many parts.  One key to understanding where your wheelhouse lies is with other members of the body.  Yes, I’m talking “church.”  In spite of some of the existing (and sometimes deserved) negative connotations that carries, connections with the body and God’s word are the best avenues to discovering where and how you hit home runs every time.  There is no better feeling than living, working, playing, and serving in your wheelhouse.

Thoughts to consider:

  • With whom can I connect to learn more about my strengths?
  • Describe the times I have been most satisfied in my efforts.
  • Describe the times when I have most felt God’s clear leadership and help.
  • What characteristics or gifts were used while doing this?
  • What opportunities exist for me today to use these gifts?
  • What is stopping me from beginning right now?

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