God’s Call and Lessons Learned   1 comment

January 26, 1996. Twenty years ago today I experienced an epiphany. I felt the hand and heard the voice of God. Some do not believe such things are possible and I’m fine with that. What I know is my own experience. I was being shaped and molded proceeding that moment, and remarkable events have defined my life and ministry since. I could write volumes of the things I have experienced in times gone by, but this is a blog, not a novel. For this anniversary I want to summarize some lessons learned in this fantastic adventure. Perhaps they will serve as helpful hints to others called by God.

Lessons learned in following God’s call:

  • There is no clear formula to learning the specifics of God’s call. When you can funnel your mind and heart to simply obey Jesus’ words, “Follow me,” details come in time.
  • Disagreeing with God sometimes comes naturally. However, when it comes from a heart seeking spiritual guidance, it can become an honest exercise leading to authentic growth.
  • Patience is mandatory, with people, with yourself, and with God.
  • Developing patience is not fun.
  • See the world and others through God’s eyes. Even those who rub you the wrong way deserve this from you.
  • Neglecting your family while serving in ministry is a pathway to deep pain.
  • Transitions are challenging. They are also opportunities to obtain a renewed closeness with God.
  • People mean well 98% of the time. Do not ignore the 2%, but for heaven’s sake do not let them occupy 98% of your mind, time, or attention.
  • You will make mistakes. Did God put flesh on you or a cape?
  • Learn to be more thankful tomorrow than you have been today.
  • Always find others who are ahead of you in the journey. Attach yourself to them for advice, friendship, mentoring, and wisdom.
  • Be humble, but be careful not to devalue yourself.
  • Smile! God believes you are worth it. Shouldn’t you?
  • Be sincere. Integrity must always win the day.
  • Real tears carry deep meaning. Pay attention to yours and the tears of others.
  • When in doubt, review your own call. Remember that God’s call for you may be reshaped or refocused along the way, but it is never lost.
  • The strength of your connection with God will determine your effectiveness as a leader.
  • Like a puppy following a treat dangled above its nose, follow Jesus, wagging your tail all the way!

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  1. As always, I appreciate your advice on life! Some good stuff to think on…

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