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Hello!  My name is Dave Peppler, Sr. and my family and I live in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  My beautiful bride and love of my life is Diane, and I have three sons, David, Jr., Derek, and Douglas.  I love to teach, read, play golf, relax in front of the ocean, mountains or a good fire, and goof off with my family.

This blog contains many sermon summaries, general devotional thoughts and more.  I do have another blog at that is designed for encouraging leaders.  I ask that you respect what is written on this blog as my own material and treat it accordingly.  I appreciate your visit and trust God to bless you in a very special way.  Enjoy!

Posted September 10, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr.

3 responses to “Meet Dave

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  1. hey Paster Dave i love your picture! Love It! Also i liked your messege last sunday i just read your summary. I wish i could have heard it in your service on Sunday!

  2. Checking out your website for the first time… Very interesting. Will let you know the verdict later. ha!

  3. You are a such a gifted communicator! And you make a good friend too…Hope you don’t mind if I plagiar…um, I mean, quote you quite a bit!

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