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On my Nightstand – Crazy Love   Leave a comment

Francis Chan, Author.  David C. Cook, publisher.

I want to revisit this book as I have now completed it.  I had to take much time in reading this as each chapter threw me into some pretty intense introspection.   This is a remarkable book about living life in a radical Christian fashion.

I do recommend this book for all seeking to take their faith to new levels.  Mr. Chan has reminded me that one day I will stand before the Lord and have to answer the same question we’ll all face: “What did you do with the life I gave you?”

If you stop to think about every aspect of your life through that lens, things will change.  It may be gradual or instant, but either way, the changes will be dramatic and for the glory of God.

On My Nightstand – Crazy Love   1 comment

Crazy Loveby Francis Chan with Danae Yankowski.  David C. Cook, Publisher.  Great subtitle – Overwhelmed by a Relentless God.

I have to confess that I’m only two chapters into this book so far.  What I have already discovered is that Francis’ approach to God is incredibly authentic.  This book appears to be a real challenge to all Christians who desire to draw nearer to God in a real, radical way.  As must as I want to just sit down and read this in one sitting, what I’m finding is that it is working really well to read one chapter, then let it absorb for a couple of days. 

My friend who read this book and described it as “life changing” may have been giving quite an accurate description.  I’ll give my thoughts when I finish.  So far, my prayer life and view of my own life seem to be thoroughly challenged and enlightened.

On My Nightstand – Jim and Casper Go to Church   1 comment

Jim and Casper Go to Church, by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper. BarnaBooks, Tyndale House Publishers.

Actually, I finished this a couple of days ago.

I must admit, this book has been an eye opener into a topic I have harped upon for years.  What do atheists think of church?  What do they think of particular churches with various styles?  Read the rest of this entry »