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Transitions – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Acts 1:15-26

Transitions indicate change, something that some people embrace and others detest.  How should God’s people deal with transitions?  After all, transitions are important and usually necessary.  Diane recently bought new glasses with transition lenses.  The purpose of these lenses is to protect the eye from harm while providing the best atmosphere for vision.  I believe that we can find a word for the church in this. Read the rest of this entry »

Reminders   Leave a comment

The other day I made myself a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich for lunch.  It reminded me of Elvis, and how I always used to make fun of the various things he ate.  For some reason, that reminded me of things that remind me of other things.  Some are goofy, some are serious, some are happy and others not; but regardless, I find it interesting to know that some things remind us of other things.  For example… Read the rest of this entry »

A Servant’s Love – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

John 12:20-33.

If you just glance at this passage, you could conclude that the Greeks who wanted to approach Jesus never received an answer to their request.  I think otherwise.  Another feature in this passage is Jesus’ declaration of the time finally being at hand.  How many other times in reading the Gospels have we heard Him declare that His time had “not yet” come?

Scripture was about to be fulfilled.  There was only one way for this to happen. Read the rest of this entry »

Courage   Leave a comment

I was reading from the book of Esther this morning.  Within the first couple of chapters, it becomes obvious what needs to happen.  God will need someone of strong faith to find the courage to speak up boldly for Him and His people because the people of God are about to be wiped out.  While Mordecai was able to get Esther her opportunity to become the new queen, God was preparing her to learn her place not in society but before the King of kings.  Courage would be required of her at the risk of her own life. Read the rest of this entry »

New Strength   Leave a comment

I recently started a completely new morning routine.  Mind you, I have never been, am not, and cannot fathom ever being a “morning person.”  I have daily arguments with my alarm clock but continue to give thanks to god Himself for whoever invented the snooze alarm and installed it on mine!

So when I say that I now wake up at 5 every morning, please understand just how much of a real chore this is for me.  I am not seeking accolades in any way, but I do want to share with you the benefits I am receiving from this new routine. Read the rest of this entry »