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15 years.  Incredible.  15 years ago today I began an adventure in full-time ministry.  The things I have learned since March 1, 1999 could fill volumes in a library and 800GB of memory.  Perhaps it is best if I just point out the bigger lessons…

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Wheelhouse   1 comment

How does God best use you?  I could go on forever about spiritual gifts, their uses and abuses, and how many folks get lost in search of theirs because they won’t accept assistance.  What I am talking about now is your “wheelhouse.”  A wheelhouse is to a baseball batter that one sweet spot where a pitch comes in and you can knock it out of the park every time.  In your experience, what would you call your wheelhouse? Read the rest of this entry »

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Please “pardon our progress” as this blog will soon be undergoing some slight restructuring.  This blog will become the area where I post sermon summaries and general devotional thoughts.  My other blog, is dedicated to leadership development and encouragement.  I find it best to separate the two instead of having one blog try to encompass too wide a topical appeal.  Thank you for your patience with me and I look forward to rekindling the fires of blogging in the very near future.

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This is the location of my new blog.  I will still keep this account open and probably split uses between the two blogs.  That will be decided later.  Until then, please refer to (and feel free to subscribe for free) the following web address.  Thank you for following.  God bless!

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Dearest subscribers, visitors and friends;

I am entering into a remarkably busy time in life from now through July 2011.  My final two semesters of formal education are going to be overflowing with commitments.  I want to thank you for your loyal readership.  Just knowing that the words on this blog are helpful is all the motivation I need to keep it rolling.

I do not anticipate having any time to write until classes are completed.  However, once they are behind me I am actually anticipating MUCH time for writing!  In addition to this blog, I also have created files for the beginnings of four books I intend to author.  Time will tell how all of that transpires.

For now, thank you again for reading what is on here.  I may pop in some devotional work between classes, but I must make this commitment to you and to myself – I will not be driven by the guilt I have felt in the past year for not posting regularly here.  If I allow that to be my motivation for writing, I can assure you that none of it will be worthy of the standards to which I hold myself.  I know you understand.

God bless you.  I look forward to rekindling my keyboard and this website.


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