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Moving Pains   Leave a comment

I’ve made more moves in my first 46 years of life that I can say that I honestly don’t care if I ever move again.  I would love to blame my parents for starting it all.  I was born in Seaford, Delaware and moved to North-Central Ohio while still a very small child.  However, we stayed put (for the most part) until after I graduated High School.

That’s when the real races began.  I would sit down and try to add together all the times I have moved from that time until now, but the headache it would cause is certainly not worth the effort.  For several years, I did have the move-once-a-year average easily accomplished.

So here I am, trying to recover from yet another move.  Mind you, the last several have been clearly God-driven moves so I’ll not complain too much……..maybe. Read the rest of this entry »

KO’d   2 comments

6th grade “Field Day,” the last day of school.  We got to play and play and play all day long.  In our grade school, what we did was play some games in the school gym and then walk down to the little park in Apple Creek, Ohio.  Johnny Appleseed park is what I believe we called it.

This was the day that all 6th graders anticipated as we would celebrate together our final day as kings and queens of the school.  After all, we were the best class ever! 

So we were in the gym, playing one of my favorite games…dodgeball! Read the rest of this entry »