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Silly Idea, Great Reminder   Leave a comment

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook a quote from a book he read, and with this post came the instructions of grabbing the book nearest you, opening it to page 56 and posting the 5th sentence as your “status.”  I just happened to have in my hands a book that I had planned to revisit – Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley.

The sentence said, “Failure is a part of success.” Read the rest of this entry »

Our Shepherd – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Psalm 23.

While they were not generally accepted or trusted as citizens at the time, biblically we find that shepherds were an excellent example of care and concern for their flock.  They protected their sheep from the wild beasts of their day and provide the best pastureland available.  Prior to entering new pastures they would do what they called “set the table”, where they would go ahead of the flock and get rid of poisonous weeds and thorns as well as snakes, scorpion nests or any other “enemies” the sheep could encounter. Read the rest of this entry »

Being a Pastor   1 comment

There are days when being a Pastor is thrilling and days when it is an overbearing burden.  Get a group of clergy together and you’ll see both smiles and sighs.  Personally, I find the balance to be invigorating, even if exhausting.  But as for me and my heart; I love being a Pastor. Read the rest of this entry »