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Wheelhouse   1 comment

How does God best use you?  I could go on forever about spiritual gifts, their uses and abuses, and how many folks get lost in search of theirs because they won’t accept assistance.  What I am talking about now is your “wheelhouse.”  A wheelhouse is to a baseball batter that one sweet spot where a pitch comes in and you can knock it out of the park every time.  In your experience, what would you call your wheelhouse? Read the rest of this entry »

Team Players – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

1 Corinthians 12:14-27.

Sometimes being a team player means that you will receive little if any recognition.  Some jobs are simply not performed in plain view for everybody else to see.  For example, playing defense as your primary focus on a basketball team doesn’t provide nearly the recognition of those who score most of the points.  This principle applies to the church as well.  Sometimes, this can present some difficult feelings and issues that must be understood. Read the rest of this entry »

Puzzle Pieces – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

1 Corinthians 12:1-12.

I love “working” a puzzle.  Diane and I will get one started once in a while and it won’t take long for Derek and Doug to join us.  While we may not be the speediest of puzzlists around the world, it is always a fun thing to do.  There is only one time when putting together a puzzle results in frustration and aggravation – when a piece is missing!

God puts the church together much like a puzzle.  There are pieces of various sizes and shapes.  They are mixed and matched and pieced together in such a way that we can see in time precisely how He formulates the portrait known as His church. Read the rest of this entry »

Never the Same – Always Say Never pt. 4   Leave a comment

2 Corinthians 5:14-17.

Sometimes things are said or we experience events that make an incredible impression.  They have such an impact that they change our perspective or point of view.  I was told of a man who was pulled over for speeding even though he had just been passed by another motorist.  Complaining about how justice was not being served, the man quickly changed his tune when the officer asked him if he had ever gone fishing.  Thinking that conversing with a fellow good old boy would lead to the dismissal of a sure ticket, he acknowledged.  Everything changed when the officer asked the next question; “Ever catch ’em all?” Read the rest of this entry »

A Servant’s Attitude – Sermon Summary   1 comment

Mark 10:42-45.  Real Followers series, pt.7 (conclusion).

James and John asked the wrong question.  The other 10 had the wrong reaction.  Jesus made it right.

James and John had approached Jesus prior to today’s text and asked if they could be seated on either side of Jesus in His kingdom.  There are no higher seats one could ask to fill.  The other 10 became “indignant” with them.  This could be motivated in one of three ways: either they were jealous that they didn’t think of it first, they felt that they also were deserving of those seats, or that nobody had the right to ask such a question.  Personally, I think it was a combination of the first two although the third is what we all hope they meant.  Somehow, the word “indignant” makes me stick with my original conclusion. Read the rest of this entry »